A Little More About Us


In the Beginning

   For the Frost Family, photography started around 2012 at our children’s sporting events. Our phone cameras were not able to capture what we were after. Seeing a picture of a group of kids is great, seeing the intensity in your child’s eyes when they are about to make a tackle, rush in for a take-down, or score a soccer goal is priceless.


   We purchased our first entry level camera kit and we were hooked instantly on photography. The challenges of taking great pictures was something that excited us. We debated, studied, and practiced our craft intensely and have never stopped. 

   Our moments of fear and triumph were being captured exactly the way we were feeling them in that moment. Not only did we pin point the problem, WE SOLVED IT. You could feel the intensity that was being expressed as one of the kids chased down a quarterback that you KNEW he was about to tackle. 


A Team Approach

   Years later the excitement of capturing these timeless moments has become more of a passion than ever before. The entire Frost family has a role and each of us strives to perfect that role. Together we bring you a team that wants to ensure that you have each moment captured so you can treasure it forever. We have an extremely diverse staff each specializing in Portrait Photography, Infant photography, Sports photography, and Cosplay Photography. Together we have taken on costume parties ,weddings, military events, and will always offer free photography for our local churches.  

Finding Purpose

   The more things we shot pictures of, the more we began to expand. We first took pictures of animals, such as our dogs we kept at home. It was a bit tough but once we got a hang of it, the photos of the dogs got better with each shoot. Finally, we came to the point where we people were requesting us to take photos. We still get excited every time we are hired to capture those timeless moments.

What We Do

Photos of Animals


Want a picture of your pet? See what we've already done and get some ideas!



Everyone has a dream to be the best they con be. We capture your most epic moments just for you! Here's a sneak peak!



Children? Parents? Get some photos of them for safe keeping, or, better yet, get one of yourself to show off to friends!

Cosplay & Costumes


Dressing up for a party? How about a comic con? Let's capture you're crazy or stunning get-up!

Our Belief

What is Timeless Moments' Purpose?

 We want to give you a chance to have a million memories caught in one picture so that you can reflect on it every single day.  Not everyone has a chance to take pictures of the cherished moments, and what's better than having that tear jerking moment saved forever? 

With Timeless Moments Photography, we can give you that heart warming feeling of welcoming and the reassurance that you will indeed be able to cherish your timeless moment.