About Us


In the Beginning

We love photography! This is a large family that is here to help you capture those moments forever.

We are a military family that moved to the northern Virginia area from Bavaria and fell in love with everything here. We spent years plowing through life not taking the time to capture what was going on around us. Christopher woke up one day and decided to purchase a camera and that was all it took; the entire family was hooked and it became all we could think about.


A Team Approach

Our family all has individual talents and we all specialize in something different. We have a portrait and wedding photographer, we have a newborn photographer, we have a sports photographer, and we have a very eccentric cosplay photographer. Like we said, we have a large family here to help you capture those moments!  

Meet Our Team


Stacey and Diane - Newborns & Infants

Stacey and Diane - Newborns & Infants

Stacey and Diane - Newborns & Infants

"Babies are so precious when they are sleeping; being able to create a scene and photograph a miracle is the best job in the world."


Chris - Weddings & Portraits

Stacey and Diane - Newborns & Infants

Stacey and Diane - Newborns & Infants

"Capturing that perfect moment is something I simply never get enough of. "


Bryce - Videography

Stacey and Diane - Newborns & Infants

Bryce - Videography

"Videos are the very thing that captures the perfect moment in the shortest amounts of times and I want people to experience that."

Our Belief

What is Timeless Moments' Purpose?

 We want to give you a chance to have a million memories caught in one picture so that you can reflect on it every single day.  Not everyone has a chance to take pictures of the cherished moments, and what's better than having that tear jerking moment saved forever? 

With Timeless Moments Photography, we can give you that heart warming feeling of welcoming and the reassurance that you will indeed be able to cherish your timeless moment.