We pride ourselves on providing a custom photography experience.

First-time clients are delighted by the lengths we will go to make sure everything is perfect for their photoshoot. Our goal is to create an exemplary experience. We do this by going above and beyond expectations.


We research areas near your location and suggest the optimum space. We will visit the site several times prior to our scheduled appointment to check lighting, timing, traffic, and much more.


The only limitation is imagination! We provide freshly baked and elegantly decorated cakes for Cake Smashes, lush florals, exquisite fabrics, beautiful gowns and more!


We will gladly provide transportation to and from photo sessions! Professionals love taking advantage of this service — work can continue as we travel to and from the location of their shoot.

We provide a tailored affair!

Meet our team


Meet Diane, the owner of Timeless Moments Photography by Frost.

Diane gives this company the touch of class and elegance that everyone has come to love. Her ability to visualize the client's needs and then make the photography session a great experience is truly amazing. Her feminine influence can be seen in many of the team’s shoots. Whether it's a romantic wedding scene, a whispy maternity portrait, or that adorable newborn shot you see and love, it's Diane behind it all.


Diane's #1 concern is always the health and safety of newborns. She puts a great deal of time to ensure this and never allows a newborn to be photographed with less than 2 staff members.


Diane is a mother of 2 boys (Kyle and Bryce) and was with Chris for their entire 22 years of military service. She provides the touch that makes this company different.

Chris Foster, Timeless Moments Photography By Frost, northern Virginia, DC, Maryland

Meet Christopher Frost, Diane's husband. He specializes in wedding and portrait photography. Chris is a former Army Officer who recently retired after 22 years of service. He is also a former Green Beret who deployed to Iraq before the surge with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) in 2006.

Enya is an internationally accredited service dog from Haus Amber Shepheards in Bavaria. Enya came to Chris to assist him with some neurological problems he was having with his neck and right hand after a vehicle accident in Iraq. Thankfully he was able to get an operation that allowed him to recover so that he could continue his passion for photography. Now that Chris has recovered you will likely only see him with Enya when he is by himself or when Enya has been requested (it happens more than you think). When you meet them, give Chris a bit of time to release Enya to say hello and brace yourself, this little girl loves attention!

We specialize in:

Wedding  |  Maternity  |   Newborn  |  Cake Smashes  |  Portraits

“I highly recommend Timeless Moments Photography. Very professional. Moved quietly through the event without taking away from the festivities. Willing to consider special poses and ideas. Worth every penny.”

Dawn o.