Who are you?

My name is Christopher Frost. I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer.


What do you do?

As a photographer, there are many things I can do, but I mainly focus on Wedding Photography and Portraiture. 


Why do you do it?

I found a job that I absolutely love. Not many people can say that. Capturing that perfect moment is something I simply never get enough of.

Meet My Partner!


Meet Enya!

Enya is my Service Dog, here to help me whenever I need it! She is such a wonderful, obedient, and friendly companion, you won't even notice she's there.


Why do you have Enya?

    By being in the military, I inherited a lot of permanent damage to my body. The constant explosions, being thrown around in tanks, tossed back and forth in Strykers, and jumping out of airplanes caused a lot of damage to my neck, knees, back, and shoulders. After 20 years of constant damage I couldn't turn my to the head to look right and it was very difficult for me to hold anything with my right hand.    

     After going through surgery I regained a lot of mobility and I was given Enya to help me a long the way. She is awesome!


Should I worry about Enya?

    Enya is completely harmless. The biggest problem Enya poses is wanting you to pet her. She is a small Western German Shephard from Amberg Germany and fond of everyone.

    She is still young, so you probably will not see her at many weddings, however, she is almost always with me whether she is curled up in a corner somewhere or at my side.